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Citric Acid Anhydrous

Citric Acid Anhydrous

Citric Acid Anhydrous is widely used in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries for the purpose of imparting a clean and refreshing tartness. Also, the citric acid is used in chemical cleaning, concrete admixtures, plasticizers, and a range of other applications. Due to our logistic network, timely delivery is always executed. We are one of the major Importer and Exporter of Citric Acid Anhydrous from India.

Additional Information

Packaging Details Packing in 25 Kg Bag Made in China


Assay 99.5-100.5% (based on anhydrous substance)
Form Grit
Quality  Anhydrous meets analytical specification of Ph. Eur, BP, USP, E330
Expl. Lim. 8 %, 65oF
Impurities Organic volatile impurities, complies (GC) residual solvents, complies